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Doll owners in Singapore
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Welcome! This is a community for ball-joint doll owners from Singapore. :D (Though, you do not have to be Singaporean/in Singapore/a doll owner to join this community! All are welcome!)

Feel free to post pictures of your dolls, ask BJD-related questions, discuss customising tips and where to buy supplies, organise group orders and meet-ups, or even post store reviews and links to BJD-related auctions!

Please write a brief introduction about yourself and your dolls when you join as we would really like to know more about you :D

How did you first know about ball-joint dolls?
How long have you been into ball-joint dolls?

(And if you're a doll owner...)
How many dolls do you own?
Doll name(s)/type(s):
What made you decide to get one?
How obsessed are you with dolls, and what do your dolls mean to you?

We don't have many rules here, except that we hope you remember lj-cut = your best friend! Please use it when you are posting 1) details of a group order, or 2) multiple images. (Images that are not under cut should not exceed 600x450 or 450x600 pixels. In the case of multiple images, only one image is allowed to be un-cut.)

[Note: If you choose to only "watch" this community, you will not be able to make any posts. Please join the community as a Member if you would like to post entries and comments. Thank you!]

No idea what these dolls are? Please click here.
For a list of faceup artists and dolly shops/services in Singapore, please click here.
Check our Memories for a list of Where-to-finds.

June 18, 2011!
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