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I'm semi-leaving the hobby for now, so just thought I'd clear some things that I won't be needing. Prices are negotiable, especially if you're buying a lot of items.

-I have a dog at home, which has short fur but sheds, but I will thoroughly clean each piece of clothing before packaging, and if you're allergic, do let me know.

-I only accept payment mode POSB/DBS transfer and cash-upon-meetup. I'm not sure if paypal still accepts personal payments, but I'm not taking chances, so apologies, I won't be accepting Paypal payments.

-Meetups preferably at IKEA Alexandra, Anchorpoint. Redhill or Queenstown MRT. Timings are flexible

-Please feel free to ask me any questions, or request for more pictures. My email is teokoonlay@hotmail.com

-I will not mail certain items that are too bulky or hazardous (like aerosols).

 photo IMG_9513.jpg
Chiffon shirt is reserved

 photo IMG_9514.jpg

 photo IMG_9515.jpg

 photo IMG_9516.jpg
Gloves and white briefs are on hold
 photo IMG_9517.jpg

 photo IMG_9518.jpg

 photo IMG_9519.jpg

 photo IMG_9520.jpg
floral skirt and denim pants reserved
 photo IMG_9521.jpg

 photo IMG_9522.jpg
Patterned hoodie and lingerie set is reserved
 photo IMG_9523.jpg
Brown 70cm boots SOLD Black 70cm boots and White SD long boots on hold
 photo IMG_9524.jpg

 photo IMG_9528.jpg
Leekeworld SD blonde fur wig and jap brand curly wig on hold
 photo IMG_9529.jpg

 photo IMG_9530.jpg
Albino eyes are sold
 photo IMG_9531.jpg
straw hat is reserved, SD face mask SOLD OUT, MSD face mask x6 left
 photo IMG_9532.jpg
SD Elastic x 1 left, Magnets x 2 pairs left
 photo IMG_9533.jpg
MSC x1 can left
 photo IMG_9526.jpg

I know the Hujoo is off-topic, but I just hope to find her a new home. She has a functional glass panel storage compartment behind her, as well as a functional mini drawer in the front. She will not come with eyes, unfortunately. I have her lower body parts which I can include if the buyer wishes.SOLD