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I bought this head in 2011, but unfortunately, I didn't have time to take him out much, except for his faceup. I guess he'll be better with someone who'll give him more attention.

The head comes with a faceup by me, which I can remove should the buyer request, with an extra fee of course. He comes with his original maker card, box and a faceup protector as well. The eyes are not included. The site states that the skintone matches SD13 NS or Luts Real Skin NS. The head hasn't been out much, and he's kept in a box away from sunlight, so yellowing is minimal.

I have a dog, but he does not go near my doll items, though fur may travel. If you have an allergy, please let me know.

I can do meetups around Redhill or Buona Vista, depending. Postage/bank transfer is fine by me too.

Asking for SGD$200

Please feel free email me at teokoonlay@hotmail.com for an queries.

 photo IMG_9614.jpg

 photo IMG_9616.jpg

 photo IMG_9617.jpg

Thank you!